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County Collector Mails Tax Bills on November 6, 2015

The mailing of tax bills generates many questions from taxpayers. Some phone calls are placed to an office that can’t help the taxpayer, which may require transferring the call to another office. My hope is to help eliminate some of the confusion and make the process more efficient by passing along this information.

The values for real property in 2015 have been certified and cannot be changed by the Assessor. The time period for appealing values for 2016 begins when the notices of change in the value of real property have been mailed, probably by the first week of April, 2016. In general, the values for 2015 cannot be appealed, either to the Assessor or the Board of Equalization. The Assessment Books are closed early May, and any changes from that point must be made by the Board of Equalization. The Board of Equalization is required to complete its business by July 31st each year. This process is governed by Missouri Statutes. Contacting the Assessor’s Office to appeal 2015 real estate values will not result in the change of any values.

The rules for personal property are somewhat different than for real property. For example, a vehicle that was left off an assessment list can be added to the account at any time during the year. Conversely, a vehicle included in error on a list can be removed at any time during the year. Missouri Assessors are required by statute to use the NADA Value Guide to establish vehicle values. The timetable for Board of Equalization appeals is the same as for real estate.

To check the calculation of 2015 taxes, the taxpayer should contact the Greene County Collectors Office for assistance. The Collector cannot deal with real estate value questions.


Please remember the Beacon website is available to answer most of your questions regarding property address, location, ownership, taxing district, school district, section, township and range, along with maps. Our Beacon website is updated nightly so ownership should be current, depending on when the property was purchased. Maps in beacon come with a List of layers that can be selected for information such as Lot numbers in Subdivisions, School and Fire districts and City limits. There are also many tools available, such as measuring tools, buffers and lots of other features that are free to use as well.

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