Perry Epperly, Chief Juvenile Officer/Family Court Administrator

Abuse/Neglect Unit

Lisa Altis, Supervisor
Jeremy Trapp, Supervisor
Shayla Lowe, Adoption Specialist
Kyle Collins, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Chris Deck, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Dawn Dooley, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Justin Lockhart, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Cassandra Marsh, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Brooke Risley, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Rachel Roy, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Laina Webster, Deputy Juvenile Officer

Detention Unit

Marie Swope, Superintendent
David House, Deputy Juvenile Officer
David Kuykendall, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Stefanie Myers, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Brian Rea, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Eli Samek, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Mike Scofield, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Robyn Taft, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Justin Baltzell, Youth Leader
Jerod Beatty, Youth Leader
Sharon Felton, Youth Leader
Michelle Horn, Youth Leader
Amy Hurley, Youth Leader
Ryan Marquez, Youth Leader
Monroe Pate, Youth Leader
Caitlin Shouse, Youth Leader
Clifford Warren, Youth Leader

Domestic Relations Unit

Karen Lehmann, Chief Domestic Relations Officer
Becky Cliffton, Domestic Relations Officer, Alternative Dispute Resolution
Karen Hester, Domestic Relations Officer, Common Ground
Michael Metz, Domestic Relations Officer, Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chelsey Ortiz, Domestic Relations Officer, Common Ground

Evening Reporting Center

Allen Criger, ERC Coordinator
Caleb Crump, Youth Specialist
Eric George, Youth Specialist
Brooke Parsley, Youth Specialist

Greene County Youth Academy

Dan Johnson, Facilities Manager
Debbie Baltzell, Secretary
Staci Hampton, Family and Community Specialist
Jarod Denney, Youth Specialist
Shannon Hock, Youth Specialist
Brett Long, Youth Specialist
Brandon Reed, Youth Specialist
Melissa Whittaker, Youth Specialist
Barbie Mooneyham, teacher (SPS)

Law/Status Violation Unit

Kyle O'Dell, Supervisor
Brad Shelton, Supervisor
Catie Chauvenne, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Larry Edgar, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Jeff Engelhart, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Dustin Hathcock, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Tracie Nicholson, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Cheryl Puzach, Deputy Juvenile Officer
Justin Tidwell, Deputy Juvenile Officer

Legal Unit

Bill Prince, Chief Legal Counsel
Lee Shelton, Victim/Witness Coordinator
Brittany O'Brien, Staff Attorney
Paul Shackelford, Staff Attorney

Probation Unit

Zach Adams, Supervisor
Susan Cox, Supervisor
Julie Hershberger, Teen Court Coordinator
Nick Pleshka, Probation Officer
Jamie Raab, Probation Officer
Andy Silliman, Probation Officer
Courtney Wallace, Probation Officer
Tim White, Probation Officer
Damon Young, Probation Officer

Support Unit

Karen McIlravy, Domestic Relations Unit Secretary
Jill Randolph, Office Manager / Supervisor of Support Unit
Twyla Allen, Receptionist
Debbie Baltzell, GCYA Secretary
Cheryl Blakemore, Multi-Unit Secretary
Michelle Blood, Multi-Unit Secretary
Lisa Loftis, L/S V Unit Secretary
Kate Morris, Secretary
Cindy Myers, A/N Unit Secretary
Nicole Price, A/N Unit Secretary
Susie Schenck, Court Clerk
Shirley Speer, File Clerk
Karen Woodward, A/N Unit Secretary