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Human Resources Faq

The job I want isn't posted can I still apply?

No. The County only accepts applications for positions that are open for recruitment.

How will I know if a job is open for recruitment?

The most efficient way to find out which jobs are currently open for recruitment is by logging onto our website at You may also call the Greene County 24-hour job line at (417)868-4117. The job line only lists 5 County jobs being recruited and is updated weekly.

Why do you want my social security number on your application?

Currently Greene County uses your social security number for applicant tracking purposes.

Can HR pull my application and apply it to another job I want to be considered for?

No, HR is not able to make copies of previous application materials (resumes, transcripts, certifications, etc) and apply them to a new position that applicants are interested in. Applicants must submit new application materials each time they apply for a position.

Can I get a copy of my previously submitted application materials?

No. All application material becomes property of Greene County and no copies can be made or returned to the applicant.

How do I find out the job duties, requirements and type of exam for the job I am interested in?

Each job for which we are recruiting has a "Job Description". The job description is an excellent source of information that lists the salary, duties of the job, the minimum requirements, and the date by which the application must be submitted.

When will I receive a response from my application?

Currently, only applicants who are determined to be qualified will potentially receive a response from the County. Applicants are determined qualified if they meet the screening criteria set by the recruiter and subject matter experts for the open position. The county usually receives a large number of applications for each job opening; the screening process can take a while after the closing deadline posted on the job description. Please be patient. We want to ensure each application is given consideration for the opening.

Why didn't I get an interview if I met the requirements on the posting?

Due to the large volume of applications, it is often necessary for the recruiter to screen beyond the minimum requirements of the posting. Recruiters may screen additional years of required experience, specific licenses or certifications, and additional education requirements as well as recency of experience and stability of employment.

Do you require drug testing, background checks and physicals?

Greene County may conduct pre-employment drug testing. In most circumstances, applicants must report to the testing site within 24 hours of being made a contingent job offer. All job offers are contingent upon successfully passing the later phase of our pre-employment screening process which may include: a mandatory pre-employment drug test, a criminal background check, pre-employment physical and references. Greene County will conduct a criminal background check on each prospective employee. Applicants must disclose any conviction information on their application materials. Traffic violations are considered convictions as a result; applicants must disclose any traffic violations (speeding tickets, running a stop light, etc) on their application materials. If an applicant does not remember the specific dates, they may obtain a copy of their driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles where the violation occurred.

What type of benefits does the County offer?

The County currently pays 100% of the medical, dental and life premiums for all full-time employees who are eligible to receive benefits. The medical plan has a $750 deductible, $25 primary care office co-pay, $50 specialist office co-pay, vision plan and a prescription drug plan. Our medical in-network provider is St. John's. Dental insurance has 2 preventative free cleanings each year, with a $50.00 deductible applied to basic and major services. It pays 80% of basic dental procedures, 50% of major procedures, with a maximum dental payout of $1,250 per plan year. Orthodontia is covered at 50% with a separate lifetime maximum of $1,250. Basic life insurance is paid by the County for all eligible full-time employees. The life benefit is $15,000 with an additional accidental death benefit of $15,000.

  • 13 paid Holidays for eligible employees
  • Vacation, Sick and Personal leave time
  • LAGERS and CERF retirement plans
  • Deferred Compensation (457) Plans
  • Disability / Accident / Voluntary Life / Flexible Spending Account
  • *This is just a short list of benefits offered to eligible full-time employees.
How do I file for unemployment?

Greene County is not the contact for this. You will need to call (417) 895-6851 for unemployment services since this is a State benefit not a County benefit.

Where do I go to get a copy of my Missouri Birth Certificate?

Call the Health Department at (417) 864-1657.

What is the telephone number to get information on WIC services?

WIC (417) 851-1581.

What is the telephone number to get information on Family Services?

Family Services (417) 895-6000

What is the telephone number for Missouri Career Center?

MO Career Center (417) 887-4343.

Greene County is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the county will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss possible accommodations.