Citizen Initiated Ride-Along

The purpose of this policy is to create positive public relations with the community, and accountability to the community through openness of patrol activities.

Citizen Initiate Ride-Along openings will be limited to no more than seventy two (72) per calendar year, six (6) per calendar month and no more than one (1) per shift. Each qualified citizen in this ride-along program category is permitted no more than one ride-along per calendar year and no more than (4) four hours per ride-along shift.

Minimum Requirements for Eligibility in the Ride-Along Program

The individual must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States of America who has no felony convictions and is generally in good physical health, with no disabilities or injuries that would prevent them from verbally communicating or from being able to run, bend, duck, squat, crawl and climb if needed.

The individual must complete in full and sign in the presence of a Greene County employee an application for the ride-along program, the Release/Waiver and each page of the Rules/Requirements prior to the submission of the application. The individual will also initial the Safety Briefing acknowledgement upon receiving the safety briefing on the day of the ride- along.

The individual must have a criminal history, a department of revenue driving record check, and local /in-house checks performed. The individual must have no previous felony convictions and shall not be charged with or under indictment for any felony, serious misdemeanor, or any domestic assault. The individual shall be free from any recent major or habitual violations of the law, including drug usage or other activities or associations that would be considered contrary to law enforcement ethics or compromise law enforcement operations.

The individual must show a photo identification that is issued by a state or federal government agency, and must provide a valid physical address that can be verified.

Ride-Along Application