Victim Impact Panels

As a requirement of the Victim Impact Panel Program, juveniles must complete an essay about their experience. Below are excerpts from some of the essays written by the juveniles.

"In the victim impact panel I learned what it is like to be on the other side of a crime. What I did was wrong and I will never do it or anything like it again."
Brad, 14

"Going to the victim impact panel has made me feel more remorse from what I already felt from my actions."
Kathryn, 15

"From now on I'm looking forward and hope to never be in this situation again. I have learned a very valuable lesson."
Mary, 15

"I am truly sorry for what I did and the trouble I caused and will never do anything like this again."
Jordan, 14

"At the Victim Impact Panel I learned that when you harm someone it can greatly affect their lives and how they feel and how they feel about people."
Riley, 16

"The stories kind of mixed to me, Glen's story taught me that fighting is not the answer, and Doug's story taught me what is going to happen if I continue with the path I'm going."
Maranda, 16

"I truly believe with all of heart and soul that people make mistakes and that is not an excuse for committing a crime. I am truly sorry and I will never make this mistake again."
Autumn, 15

"All in all I learned a lot of valuable information from the V.I.P. program, surprisingly. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to become wiser in their decision making."
Jonathan, 16

"I think it would have been awful to go through the same crime that I committed."
Ashley, 16

"After hearing their stories it makes me want to think about my actions before I ever decide to do a crime."
Brandon, 16

"I have learned a lot from this whole process. I hope people would look at me in a different way."
Gabe, 16

"We not only need to respect ourselves, but other people and take into account how our actions will affect them."
Riley, 16

"I know now that I have to look out for what is best for me and I have the power to make my own future and make good decisions."
Kayla, 13

"After this program I learned that I should think before I make decisions and not just do it cause it really does effect people. It also made me learn that not to listen to other people just make your own decisions and to make the right ones."
Jaimee, 16

"I learned that you should think before you act and try to be smart even in an insane situation."
Katherine, 16