Teen Court - Volunteers

Teen Court depends heavily on community volunteers, both youth and adult.

Youth volunteers

Youth volunteers observe a court night and then submit a volunteer application. If accepted as a Teen Court volunteer, they begin by serving on Teen Court juries, and then can be trained as bailiff, clerk, or a teen attorney (only for senior high students).

Youth volunteers are ages 12+. They are expected to attended Teen Court regularly (most serve at Teen Court 1-2 times per month), unless needing to take a short break for a seasonal sport or activity.

Teen Court volunteers are expected to attend a New Volunteer Orientation. They are also required to attend regular refresher trainings (approximately once every 3 months), to maintain their knowledge.

Teen Court is a fun place to be for volunteers! Teen court holds an annual spring banquet to honor all of our volunteers and Judges each year. A dinner is provided and awards are given out.

If you are interested in becoming an youth volunteer with Teen Court, please contact Julie Hershberger, Teen Court Coordinator at (417) 829-6137 or julie.hershberger@courts.mo.gov

Application for Teen Court Youth Volunteer

Adult volunteers

Adult volunteers help to supervise the juveniles and perform more technical and guiding roles at Teen Court.

Adult volunteers positions include:

  • Defendant Information (help families sign the "confidentiality oath" at the door, assist defendants in anything they need for the evening, serve as security at Teen Court)
  • Jury Consultant (guide juries as they deliberate and decide on sentences)
  • Verdict Processor (provide detailed information on all sentencing requirements and relay this information to families)
  • Presiding Judge (usually a judge or attorney; serve as legal oversight for the cases, and lend legal knowledge during the cases)
  • Attorney Consultant (usually an attorney; provide assistance and feedback to youth attorneys)

Adult volunteers are a crucial and valued part of a court night. They are regularly appreciated through volunteer get-togethers and small gifts.

If you are interested in becoming an adult volunteer with Teen Court, please contact Julie Hershberger, Teen Court Coordinator at (417) 829-6137 or julie.hershberger@courts.mo.gov.

Application for Teen Court Adult Volunteer