Juvenile Justice Center

Guiding Probation Success is a new program aimed at educating parents about the probation process. GPS is designed as a one time informational meeting for parents of children recently placed on informal or formal probation. Parents will learn in detail what is expected of their child and themselves during the probation process, as well as the various levels of supervision and the court process in general. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and give their input as to what services and resources they feel youth would benefit from. This will allow parents to become better informed supervisors of their children. The Probation Unit feels that parents are the most valuable resource for children. GPS seeks to build on that value through open cooperation between parents and the probation unit in an effort to increase youth success during probation.

When: First Wednesday of the Month at 5:30pm

Where: 911 Boonville

Guiding Probation Success Flyer

Guiding Probation Success Presentation