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Undergraduate/Graduate Students

If you are seeking an excellent learning experience in human services related fields such as Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, or Sociology the Greene County Family Court - Juvenile Division and/or Domestic Relations Division may have an opportunity for you.

There are a variety of intern opportunities within the Family Court: Juvenile and/or Domestic Relations Division for those interested in completing intern hours as part of the required curriculum at participating universities. These opportunities include placement in the following units: Abuse/Neglect, Law/Status Violations, Detention/Residential Programs, Domestic Relations, and Probation Services.

It is the practice whenever practical or possible to honor internship or student field placement requests.

Interns attend orientation sessions and receive supervision and consultation from staff members. We believe interns play an essential role in the effective implementation of our programs. It is recognized that their skills and abilities benefit the Court, the Family, and the community. Interns make direct contributions to staff effectiveness, provide families with intensive direct services, and through their added awareness of juvenile and family issues, benefit the community at large. Our services are expanded and strengthened by using interns in a variety of ways depending upon individual interests, knowledge, skills and talents.

Intern with the Juvenile Division, Abuse/Neglect Unit (Undergraduate)

The Abuse & Neglect Unit works with children who have been abused and/or neglected. Abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional. Neglect can involve a variety of issues including lack of supervision, lack of providing adequately for the child or drug issues that can affect children.

On-going case management responsibilities for Abuse & Neglect Deputy Juvenile Officer's (DJO's) include: Conduct interviews of child, family, and witnesses. Prepare Affidavits and gather accompanying petition filing paperwork. Scheduling of and preparation for court hearings. Issue summons and subpoenas. Complete monthly protective custody review reports to be provided to the court prior to the jurisdictional hearing. Attend ongoing team meetings on each case to monitor the progress of the family in rectifying their circumstances and ensure court orders are being followed. Assist juvenile office attorney in filing of motions. Send proper notice to parties of court hearings. Attend court hearings on caseload and make recommendations to court regarding the child. Maintain ongoing knowledge of current laws and statutes and proper case application. Maintain complete and organized case files.

Internship learning opportunities:

Shadow DJO's throughout daily activities

  • Observe Investigation Process
  • Observe Court Hearings
  • Attend and Observe Case Meetings


  • Aide DJO in Court preparation
  • Assist DJO in Hearing Notice preparation
  • Attend meetings in DJO absence if needed and provide report to DJO
  • Assist DJO in maintaining case files


  • Involvement in a unit related project
  • Development of conclusions/findings report


  • Throughout the internship there will be opportunities to meet a variety of individuals involved in cases including parents, children, social workers, attorneys, therapists and others.
  • Here will be opportunity for ongoing discussions with the DJO's to assist in understanding Abuse & Neglect issues and the legal process involved.

Intern with the Juvenile Division, Delinquency Unit (Undergraduate/Graduate)

The Law/Status Violations Unit serves as the Juvenile Office's front line in dealing with youth involved or allegedly involved in committing law violations and status offenses. Deputy Juvenile Officers within the unit are assigned referrals concerning youth who while less than 17 years of age committed or are suspected of committing an offense. The role of the Deputy Juvenile Officer is to conduct follow-up case investigation and make disposition plans for the referral.

Learning opportunities:

  • Observe the investigative process that involves juvenile suspects.
  • Observe and assist DJO in followup investigations and gathering information.
  • Learn about the screening instruments utilized to determine risk/needs of juvenile offenders.
  • Observe and participate in dicsussion with legal staff in regards to legal sufficiency of referrals.
  • Assist DJO in gathering information needed to make an appropriate disposition.
  • Become familiar with a variety of services and programs offered within the community for youth.
  • Learn about the informal and formal programs available through the Juvenile Court system.
  • Gain an understanding of the structure of the court and its various programs and processes.
  • Assist DJO in preparing petitions, motions, summons, subpoenas, court orders, and investigative reports.
  • Observation in courtrooms on various kinds of cases and types of court hearings.

Intern with the Juvenile Detention Center (Undergraduate)

Learning Opportunities:

NOTE: 4-hour cultural diversity training is required for this internship.

  • Gain an understanding of the role and functions of a Detention Juvenile Officer
  • Provide short-term care and secure custody pending court hearings to juvenile offenders who meet confinement criteria
  • Address juvenile needs and perform basic routine care
  • Intervene and assist in detainee problem solving
  • Maintain a daily schedule leading or directing groups of youth
  • Function under staff supervision to involve detained youth in constructive activities by providing direction as well as positive interaction.

Intern with the Family Court Domestic Relations Unit (Graduate)

Learning Opportunities:

  • Gain an understanding of the structure of the court and its various programs and processes
  • Observation in the courtroom of various kinds of cases and court hearings
  • Observe and assist officers with investigations regarding allegations and/or concerns regarding either parent
  • Observe and assist at the Supervised Access Program
  • Observe and assist with petitions filed for child or adult orders of protection
  • Observe the court ordered Alternative Dispute Resolution class

Intern with the Juvenile Division, Evening Reporting Center (ERC) (Undergraduate/Graduate)

The Evening Reporting Center is designed to provide short term intensive supervision in a community based alternative to secure detention setting. The ERC staff, with the help of our community support network provides educational, therapeutic, motivational, and thought provoking programming for our at-risk youth to increase their long term success in the community. The ERC completes this mission while maintaining a focus on the safety of the community and the juvenile.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Assist youth each day to reach their full potential
  • Engage youth in community based events/activities
  • Create programming ideas/concepts
  • Facilitate an ERC group that you create
  • Interact with all other sections of the Juvenile Office
  • Attend Unit Meetings
  • Collect/compile statistical data to evaluate program/programming
  • Attend court hearings
  • Assist in gathering information regarding youth behavioral issues
  • Assist in documenting youth performance while at the ERC
  • Most importantly, have an opportunity to help a youth grow and achieve more than he/she imagined possible!

Intern with the Juvenile Division, Probation Unit (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Learning opportunities:

  • Gain an understanding of the structure of the court and its various programs and processes
  • Opportunity to work with a probation officer on cases of supervision, probation and progress reporting
  • Observation in courtrooms on various kinds of cases and types of court hearings
  • Accompany and/or assist probation officers on field contact with delinquent youth
  • Assist probation officers with conducting drug tests
  • Observe and learn about a variety of specialized programs for youth such as: Teen Court, Evening Reporting Center, GEMs, CAPS, RADAR, and Summer Program

Obtaining an Internship

The Greene County Family Court - Juvenile Division and/or Domestic Relations Division offers many opportunities for students to earn college credit, professional experience, and exposure to career opportunities while participating as an agent of change in the lives of youth and families.

What you need to do to become a student intern:

  1. Check with your school's Internship Coordinator to determine internship eligibility and placement requirements.
  2. Request an application for Internship by calling (417) 868-4008, or download it here.
  3. Schedule an interview to discuss areas of interest, possible internship positions and location.
  4. Complete the Child Abuse or Neglect record check, FBI criminal background check and other forms to be completed prior to the start date of the internship.

Deadlines for intern applications:

  • Fall semester deadline - June 1st
  • Spring semester deadline - November 1st
  • Summer semester deadline - March 1st

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