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Video Greene County Missouri Evening Reporting Center


Names: Adrienne Deckard - Central High School Science - GIFTS Programming

Group Facilitated: STEM - Science Technology Engineering Mathmatics

Group Description: Getting Involved For Today's Students (G.I.F.T.S) is the educational component of the Greene County Juvenile Court's Evening Reporting Center (ERC). G.I.F.T.S. is funded through a DESE grant in partnership with the Springfield Public Schools. This month, Adrienne Deckard, Science teacher at Central High School, completed a science group where our youth examined the effects of alcohol use/abuse on the human body. Youth were able to examine a sheep liver, heart, kidney and brain and then discuss the different functions of each organ. Then the youth were able to place a piece of liver into a solution similar to that of alcohol to watch the damage done to the liver. Our youth loved this group and have completely enjoyed all of the groups Mrs. Deckard has presented at the ERC. To see some pictures of our last group, please see our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GreeneCountyERC.

Policy & Procedure Manual:

Policy & Procedure Manual

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October Newsletter


The mission of the Greene County Juvenile Office-Evening Reporting Center (ERC) is to provide a community based alternative to secure detention for at-risk youth. This short term intensive supervision treatment program, with the help of community volunteers, will provide facilitated education and therapeutic programs in a structured environment, while ensuring the safety of the community and the juvenile.


The ERC is a program designed to assist participants to remain in the community and influence their lives in a positive way. Participants should consider placement in the ERC as a privilege and an opportunity to make positive changes in their behavior.

Placement in the ERC is an opportunity. With the help of the community facilitators, juveniles placed in the ERC program are allowed the chance to learn and develop social skills in a structured environment, covering such topics as Job Skills, Decision Making, Personal Health, and others.


Eligible youth will be:

  • Post-filing/pre-adjudication or post adjudication status/ or motion to modify.
  • Referred by a Deputy Juvenile Officer, Probation Officer, or the Court, to include Juvenile Drug Court
  • Between the ages of 12 and fall under jurisdiction of the court.
  • Accepted on a space-available basis. Maximum capacity for the Evening Reporting Center is 12 youth.
  • Participating in the program for a period not to exceed 20 program days (actual days of operation)