About the Domestic Relations Unit

Chief Domestic Relations Officer

Karen Lehmann, MS, LPC
Phone: (417) 829-6149

Domestic Relations Officer, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Becky Cliffton, MS
Phone: (417) 829-6557

Michael Metz, MS, LPC
Phone: (417) 829-6116

Domestic Relations Officer, Common Ground

Karen Hester, MS
Phone: (417) 829-6140

Chelsey Ortiz, MS, LPC
Phone: (417) 829-6628

Domestic Relations Unit Secretary

Karen McIlravy
Phone: (417) 829-6113

The Domestic Relations Unit provides services and support to separating, divorcing, and unmarried parents who have children together. Building a healthy separated family is not an event but a process and DR endeavors to make the transition less stressful for families.

Services and programs provided to families include: Alternative Dispute Resolution Class, Common Ground, Mediation, and therapeutic intervention. DR also ensures that families receive information about court and community resources that they may benefit from.

In addition, DR provides assistance to the courts by conducting investigations, conducting Case Management Hearings, and tracking all cases filed in the family court system.