Offender Mail

mail sorting machine

U.S. Postal Service, ASM, Sec. 274.96

"Authorized personnel of prisons, jails, or other correctional institutions, under lawful rules and regulations, may open, examine, and censor mail addressed to an inmate of the institution, if the inmate-addressee consents to receive his or her mail at the institution through the institutional authorities. If the inmate does not consent, the personnel may return it to the post office unopened, marked "refused". An inmate may designate in writing an agent outside the institution to receive his or her mail, either through an authorized address of the agent if the mail is so addressed, or at the delivery post office serving the institution, if the mail is addressed to the inmate at the institution."

Correspondence from inmates does not become U.S. mail until it comes into the actual custody and control of the Postal Service, either when given to a postal employee or when deposited into a receptacle authorized by the Postmaster General for the receipt of mail; (i.e. a street collection box, lobby drop in a U.S. Post Office, etc.). Therefore, unless items are considered actual mail matter as referenced above, the federal laws pertaining to the protection of mail matter do not apply.

Outgoing Mail

  • All general mail will be placed in the mail collection box unsealed. Sealed letters will be returned to the offender.
  • All legal mail will be properly marked "Legal Mail" on the front of the envelope, and will be legitimately addressed to a Congressman, Judge, Attorney, or other official who qualifies for confidential communication.
  • Legal Mail will be taken to the Pod Officer before it is sealed. The offender will show the Pod Officer that there is no contraband contained in the envelope before it is sealed. The offender will be allowed to seal the letter at that time. The witnessing officer will then initial the back of the envelope. The envelope can then be placed into the mail collection box. Legal Mail that is received by the Mail Officer without a legitimate initial will be returned to the offender.
  • All letters will have the proper postage applied. Letters with bleached postage stamps applied to them will not be mailed.
  • Letters addressed to another Jail and/ or Penal Institution or between two offenders currently incarcerated in the Greene County Jail will not be mailed.
  • Letters that have drawings on the face of the envelopes will not be accepted in the mail. The Postal Service indicates that such drawings cause problems with the sorting equipment.
  • Outgoing mail will not be accepted without a return address. The return address will have the offenders name, 1000 North Boonville, Springfield, MO 65802 and inmates CFN number.
  • Sending or receiving mail by any method other than that stated above is a violation of the facility rules. Underground mail, (passing of notes), to anyone is forbidden.
  • Mail that is to be delivered to a Judge or Public Defender from Greene County may be given to the Pod Officer for forwarding to their individual offices.

Incoming Mail

  • The postage stamps will either be blackened by a grease pencil or removed to prevent bleaching or re-use.
  • Mail received from another Jail and/ or Penal Institution will be returned to the sender.
  • Mail will be opened and inspected for contraband articles that might be enclosed. The only exception to this is correspondence from attorneys, judges, or congressmen which will be opened and inspected by an officer in the presence of the offender.
  • Mail containing letters from a third party will be returned to the sender. If the third party letter is from an offender from the Greene County Jail or other Penal Institution, no mail will be allowed to be sent to or received from the person sending the third party letter.
  • That no monetary item in any form will be accepted through the mail for deposit in the inmate trust fund account and will be returned to sender. All funds must be deposited using the EZ Card Kiosk, website, or telephone number.
  • Due to limited storage areas, packages will not be accepted into the Jail. Instead the packages will be refused and returned to the sender. No Christmas or birthday packages will be accepted.
  • Mail received for offenders who have been released from custody will be returned to sender. The Jail will not hold mail for you after you have been released.
  • Any incoming mail containing items of contraband will be returned to sender, provided it is not of an unlawful nature.
    NOTE: You are allowed a total of 10 letters and/ or cards. The total amount will not exceed 10 and total picture limits will not exceed 5. All amounts above these limits will be mailed out at the offenders cost or disposed of.
  • All incoming mail must have a complete return address to include:
    • First & Last Name
    • Full Address
    • City, State
    • Zip Code
    All incoming mail without a first and last name on the return address WILL be returned to sender.

Mail Limitation

Mail will not be delivered on the weekends.

Letters that contain the following items will be returned to the sender:

  • stamps and/ or envelopes.
  • hair, foreign substance and/ or scent (powder or liquid).
  • photographs larger than 5X7 inches, or Polaroid photographs.
  • pornographic material.
  • greeting cards that are larger that 6X9 inches, glued backs or musical cards.
  • any plastic or laminated material.
  • any paper that is glued, taped or stapled.
  • any food, candy or gum.
  • reproduction of books or articles.
  • mail from another Penal Institution.
  • books, magazines or pamphlets not mailed from the publisher.
  • books and magazines that have not been pre-approved.
  • personal checks.
  • publications that violate the U.S. Postal regulations or advocate violence or rebellion against any governmental authority.
  • publications which depict the use or manufacture of firearms, explosives, or other weapons.
  • publications which contain self defense tactics, locksmith instructions, or escape techniques.

NOTE: Pornographic photographs are not allowed. Exchanges of photographs in the offender's possession with those in his or her property will not be allowed.


May be no larger than 6X9 inches in size, non-pornographic, non-padded, and non-musical. Additionally, cards that have been folded over and glued together, whether by the manufacturer or sender, are not allowed. Cards, like photographs, are not to be affixed to the walls or furniture. Violations will result in the confiscation of the cards. Excessive amounts of cards (5 or more) will be mailed out by the offender or you will be required to dispose of all cards over this amount.


Are accepted only when it is on a subscription basis and is mailed directly from the publisher. All magazines must be pre-approved. They will be given to the offender on an exchange basis only. The offender will have to surrender the previous issue of the magazine prior to receiving the new issue. Magazines will not be stored. After the offender has surrendered the previous issue it will be placed in the Jail Library or may be destroyed at the offender's request. No pornographic magazines will be accepted.

Pornographic material will not be accepted under any circumstances.

NOTE: The U.S. Postal Service will not return magazines and newspapers to the sender in the absence of the offender. It is entirely the responsibility of the offender to notify the publisher of his or her change of address or desire to cancel the subscription. The Jail will not be responsible whatsoever for a former offender's loss due to the offender's failure to notify a publisher of his/her release from our custody.