Monetary / Commissary

Offender Funds

  • Offender funds are recorded in the Offender's Trust Fund Account which is used to record all deposits, withdrawals, and purchases.
  • Any cash in the offender's possession upon commitment will be deposited in the in the Kiosk to be deposited in the Offender's Trust Fund Account and a receipt for the same will be given to the offender. All checks and money orders will remain in the offender's property.
  • When funds are received at the Lobby Kiosk, a receipt will be given to the person leaving the funds. The funds will then be recorded in the Offender's Trust Fund Account. No checks or money orders will be accepted.
  • Endorsed (second party) checks or mutilated checks will not be accepted.
  • Funds may be released to a person outside the Jail. This type of transaction is allowed for a very limited number of times. This transaction should be requested on a Request to Staff Member form. Release of funds will be conducted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the 1st and 15th of the month. The inmate will only be able to release funds if the release amount keeps the inmates balance at more than $50.00 in the account.
  • Checks will not be delivered to offenders for endorsement and release, (i.e. Income Tax Checks). All funds must be deposited into the offender's account.
  • Offenders being released from custody who have funds in their Offender's Trust Fund Account will be issued a debt card for the balance of their account.
    Note: Some funds may be frozen on your account for outstanding medical fees. These funds will not be released at the time of your release.
  • Destruction or defacing of County property will result in your account being frozen until the incident is investigated. If fault is proven, the amount of repairs and/ or replacement may be deducted from the account.
  • If you feel there is a discrepancy as to the amount of funds recorded in your account, you should address the problem to the Commissary Officer by filling out a Request to Staff Member form or the jail administration by phone or request.

Indigent Offenders (No Funds)

  • When an offender is incarcerated and has no funds, provisions are made for that offender to order personal hygiene items, writing materials, and postage of both private and legal letters. These items can be ordered after being incarcerated 72 hours and then every two weeks. The order is limited to $6.60.
  • In the event that an offender receives funds in his/ her account, the price of the indigent orders will be deducted from the deposited funds and any remaining funds will be applied to your account.
  • If there is a need for specialty items such as shampoo, lotion, etc they must be approved by the medical department to be released to the inmate as a indigent item.

Commissary Privileges

Commissary is a privilege, not a right. It is intended solely for the comfort and convenience of offenders.

Commissary services are scheduled as follows:

MondayA pod
TuesdayD pod, T1, and T2
WednesdayB pod and T4
ThursdayC pod

Note: Funds will need to be in the account at least two working days prior for it will not show as a available balance on their commissary order sheet for that weeks commissary pass.

  • If a holiday falls on the delivery day, the order will be delivered the next work day. The order will be turned in as scheduled above.
  • The amount and frequency of the purchases may be limited by the Sheriff and/ or the Director of Corrections if deemed necessary.
  • Purchases cannot exceed the amount of funds in your account. Account balances are printed on the commissary order slip.
  • Commissary orders will list the item wanted by number, quantity, and price for those items. The item numbers and price are from the list of approved commissary items available in each Pod.
  • If you do not use your commissary slip, it is your responsibility to destroy the slip to prevent unauthorized use. The Greene County Jail does not assume responsibility for your order slip.
  • In order to maintain cleanliness and sanitary conditions, you will be provided a bin in which to hold your personal items. Consumable items that over flow the bin will be destroyed. Other personal items will be placed in your property.
  • As offender behavioral incentive, depending on your custody level of classification, you may have increased access to certain commissary items.
  • offenders are allowed to order regular commissary items, but will have a $50.00 spending cap weekly.
  • Disciplinary offenders will be allowed to purchase personal hygiene items only, and limited by the discretion of the Commissary Officer.

Commissary Rules

  • Offenders are not allowed to make purchases for or give commissary items to other offenders.
  • Offenders are not allowed to transfer money from their account to another offender, or to have friends/family make deposits into other offender's accounts.
  • Trading of commissary items from one offender to another will not be allowed under any circumstances.
  • At no time will one offender attempt to force another offender to purchase commissary items against their will.
  • Under no circumstances will commissary items be used for the purpose of gambling.
  • Offenders will not use commissary items to purchase favors or services from other offenders.
  • Any abuse of the commissary system may result in the loss of the privilege and confiscation of items in question depending on the severity of the violation.
  • Any item removed from the original container and placed in any other container, and any container used for something other than it's intended purpose will be considered contraband.
  • Officers will not look up commissary balances. Your balance will be printed on your commissary order slip.

Conditional Use & Limited Use Items

  • Razors are considered to be conditional use items. This means although you purchase a razor from the commissary, you will not be allowed to keep the razor in your cell. Razors are sold for a one time use, and cost $0.25. You will need to buy a new razor every time you wish to shave. If you need a razor, you must make your request to the Pod Officer at the beginning of each day shift (approximately 7:00a.m.). The officer will check the razor out to you when they are received from the commissary. You will be given a period of 15 minutes in which to use it. After use, the razor must be returned to the Pod Officer. Storing or attempting to store a razor in your cell will result in suspension of this privilege, or disciplinary action if the violation is severe. Offenders who are trustees or are assigned to work release may use their razors at times other than the designated time as this time period may conflict with their work schedule. If you are indigent, you will be allowed to purchase a razor. $0.25 will be posted to your Trust Fund Account for collection when you receive funds.

The following types of items are limited use items. Any of the items listed below which are found in excess of what is authorized will be considered contraband and will be confiscated and destroyed. Empty containers will be disposed of.

  • Ink Pens - 2 each
  • Shampoo Bottles - 2 each
  • Deodorant Container - 2 each
  • Any other container products - 2 each