booking desk

Upon admittance to this facility, offenders will be taken directly to the Booking Section, where his/her entry will be recorded. The Booking Officer will be asking questions of you for our records and it is expected that you will give the information that is requested. A wrist band, for identification purposes, will be placed on the wrist of all inmates and must remain on at all times. Failure to comply is a direct violation of facility rules. No privileges, including commissary, visiting, phone, etc., will be granted to any offender unless the I.D. band is properly displayed. Additionally, appropriate forms will be completed and the medical staff will be notified immediately if there appears to be a serious medical problem. Offenders refusing to be screened by medical or classification will be segregated.

booking holding area

As applicable, each offender will be thoroughly searched for weapons or contraband by a staff member of the same sex. Body cavity searches may be conducted when there is reasonable suspicion an inmate is concealing contraband in such body cavity. Cavity searches will only be performed by a physician or registered nurse, in a private location.

booking officers

After being searched, appropriate medications will be applied to the body when required and the inmate will shower and change into clean clothing provided by the facility. Your personal property will be taken from you and you will be provided a jail uniform. All personal effects will be inventoried and placed in the Property Room.