Greene Co. Bridge #1280033 (Kat's Bridge/Prospect Bridge)


Kat's Bridge, also known as Prospect Bridge and Greene County Bridge # 1280033, is a single lane, steel-truss, wood-deck bridge located in western Greene County at the intersection of Farm Road 128 and Farm Road 45. In October, the Greene County Commission renamed the bridge in honor of the late Kathleen "Kat" Ila Gilmartin, at the request of her parents, who live nearby.

Shortly after the bridge was renamed, an inspection by the County Bridge Inspector revealed the bridge to have significant structural issues. The bridge was immediately barricaded and closed to the public.


The County began a project to replace Kat's Bridge in early 1990's. The new bridge was designed to exceed the 100-year flood frequency elevation and would be constructed approximately 100 feet south (upstream) of the existing bridge. The County acquired the necessary right of way to construct the new bridge and roadway.

Prior to construction, a cultural resource study was performed which found many prehistoric artifact near project. The County spent over $33k performing these studies, which concluded that significantly more funding was needed to properly mitigate the archaeological sites impacted by the project. Therefore, the County suspended the project and the existing bridge was maintained to extend its life.

Current Status

Based on the findings by the County Bridge Inspector and recommendations from the County's engineering consultant, the County has determined that the existing bridge cannot be rehabilitated and reopened to the public. A new bridge must be constructed to replace it. This will require the County to address the archaeological issue. The county is currently working with a cultural resources consultant, as well as Federal and State agencies and the Native American Tribes whose ancestors lived in this area to develop a plan to properly address these sensitive sites. As a part of that process, the County has developed three replacement options for Kat's Bridge.

Replacement Options

  1. New Bridge, In Place - Remove and replace existing abutments and build a new two-lane bridge on same alignment. No improvements to FR 128 or FR 45. Some archaeological work required at bridge abutments and in other disturbed areas.
    • Estimated Construction Cost = $320k - $390k
    • Estimated Archaeological Work = $100k
    • Total Estimated Cost = $420k - $490k
  2. New Bridge, Improved Alignment - A new two-lane bridge, rotated to improve alignment with FR 128. No change to the FR 45 intersection. Curves east of Pickerel Creek to remain. Increased archaeological work over In-Place Option.
    • Estimated Construction Cost = $380k - $460k
    • Estimated Archaeological Work = $300k
    • Total Estimated Cost = $680k - $760k
  3. New Bridge, Improved Alignment - A continuation of plans from early 1990's, with a new 200', two lane bridge located approximately 100 feet south of the existing bridge. Realign FR 128 to eliminate curves on east side of Pickerel Creek, Realign FR 45 and improve intersection. Significant archaeological work would be required.
    • Estimated Construction Cost = $1.2m - $1.5m
    • Estimated Archaeological Work = $500k - $1.5m
    • Total Estimated Cost = $1.7m - $3.0

Any of the options would be designed to accommodate pedestrian traffic and a plaque honoring "Kat" Gilmartin. The County estimates that the archaeological field work and coordination with the appropriate agencies will take six to eight months. Once that work is complete, construction on the preferred option would begin. Depending on the option chosen, construction time should range from six to twelve months.

Your Input

On December 18, 2008, the County held a public meeting to present this information to the residents of the area. At that time, the County requested their input regarding the options for replacement of Kat's Bridge. Your input is requested as well. If you would like to provide comments to the Greene County Highway Department, please click here.

Thank your for your interest in this important project!