Contact the Highway Department

Rick Artman

(417) 829-6514
Highway Department Interim Administrator - Acts on behalf of the Highway Department Administrator in his absence. The Assistant Administrator also oversees and supports the Chief Engineer, Project Manager, Right of Way Manager, Operations Director, Safety Officer and Administrative Services Manager in their daily activities and assists with technical, operational and personnel matters critical to the success of the department.

Adam Humphrey, P.E.

(417) 829-6536
Chief Engineer - Oversees project scoping, project development and design processes for Highway Department roadway and bridge construction projects. The Chief Engineer is also responsible for ensuring that the Highway Department's project goals are met within budget and on schedule.

Harry Stennett

(417) 829-6532
Operations Director - Oversees all aspects of daily road maintenance operations and the supervisors and crews that maintain Greene County's roadways.

Crystal Richards

(417) 829-6516
Administrative Services Manager - Oversees the Highway Department's administrative functions. The Administrative Services Manager is responsible for the Highway Department's financial reporting, human resources activities and managing office operations and staff.

Joe Polo

(417) 829-6531
District 1 (Westside) Supervisor - Oversees maintenance of Greene County's roadways on the west side of the county. This includes all of un-incorporated Greene County west of the City of Springfield.

Kevin Bade

(417) 829-6530
District 2 (Eastside) Supervisor - Oversees maintenance of Greene County's roadways on the east side of the county. This includes all of un-incorporated Greene County east of the City of Springfield.

Leroy Gott

(417) 829-6527
Traffic Control Supervisor - Oversees the maintenance and placement of Greene County road signs and road markings.

Jim Francka

(417) 829-6522
Project Inspection Supervisor - Oversees road & bridge construction projects and the project inspectors.

Tom Blakemore

(417) 829-6509
Subdivision Inspection Supervisor - Oversees subdivision inspectors and reviews, approves plans for new subdivision roads and improvements.

John Parham

(417) 829-6523
Right of Way Inspector - Inspects plans for utility placement on county rights-of-way and approves and issues specifications for the permits required to work on Greene County rights-of-way including; utility placements, driveways, etc.

Jeff Avers

(417) 829-6538
Surveyor - Performs and oversees technicians who perform surveys verifying county rights-of-way and required acquisition of right-of-way for various future road improvements.

Melissa Denney

(417) 868-4013
Purchasing Coordinator - Responsible for the procurement of supplies, equipment, services and construction for the Highway Department.