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Budget Office Responsibilities


Coordinates Annual Budget Development

  • Prepares recommended annual budget
  • Schedules meetings, develops agenda, prepares and give presentation of appropriated budget under the direction of County Commission
  • Presents budget and financial summary to County Commission and various citizen groups

Develop and Maintain Special Projects

  • Analyze financial impact of special projects, financial agreements or other changes to County's policies
  • Coordinates financing plans and documents for capital projects
  • Schedules meetings, develops agenda, prepares and gives presentations, drafts correspondence, and advises commission of project status
  • Develops financing plans for sewer districts

Monitor the County's Financial Condition

  • Monitors actual monthly revenues and expenditures
  • Monitors the financial condition of E-911 and reports findings to advisory board
  • Develops and coordinates county's long-term planning
  • Assisting officeholders and department managers with assessing needs, formulating goals and quantifying financial impact of the goals

Analyze the Financial Impact of Legislation

  • Reviews pending legislation
  • Coordinates county legislative activities
  • Recommends and coordinates response to legislation
  • Attends legislative meetings and hearings and comments on County's financial position
  • Testifies at legislative hearings
  • Writes letters to legislators along with meeting with them